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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
^^Woohoo! Nicely done Sir!

How many sets of wheels you burn through? Should be a "Strava" category for that too.
Somewhere between one and two, closer to one. The XF's I changed out in July, went on the previous September. The XXF's I put on in July are still going strong. That's about 2200 miles.

I prioritize durable (generally harder) wheels, rotate often and wear them long. I usually wear off at least 5mm before I bin wheels. Peculiarities in my stride and no t-stops mean my wheels flatten rather than becoming pointed or beveled.

In better years, every-day wheels get binned when race wheels get demoted rather than when they are fully worn out. Wheels are seldom race-worthy after three competitions. But the last couple of years have been short on races so the wear period has stretched out. The shock band was plainly visible in my MPC Black Magic XFirm's at the end.

How many wheels, and what sort, did you use up?
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