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For 2017 skating only:

3179.6 According to my GPS

3186.0 According to Strava

So December was mostly a washout. Somehow the last two days out of three were good skating weather.

The Google distance from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon listed at 3186.0 from one city center to the other city center. But from the closest municipal BORDER of each city - only 3170 miles. This made it possible for me to get 38 miles in two days and still say I skated Portland to Portland. So I got that number plus 9 more. When I got home and uploaded to Strava, their interpretation of my 2017 miles is 3186.0. That is 3186-point-ZERO! Precisely the miles I needed to both city centers according to Google Maps!

Here is the monthly/daily breakdown for 2017. I'm very happy with it.

For a nicer graphic and map of my "virtual" cross-country skate, go to THIS post.
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