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Default Annual Totals according to your GPS tracker

Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Count: 449 Activities
Distance: 5,128.06 mi
Time: 528:21:20 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 149,111 ft
Avg Speed: 9.7 mph
Avg HR: 119 bpm
Calories: 300,135 C
Max Distance: 84.41 mi
Max Avg Speed: 17.0 mph
Count: 482 Activities
Distance: 5,708.60 mi
Time: 572:25:19 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 252,408 ft
Avg Speed: 10.0 mph
Avg HR: 116 bpm
Calories: 314,759 C
Max Distance: 88.04 mi
Max Avg Speed: 18.6 mph

[Breakdown by sport is just not feasible for the annual total given the persistent bugs in Garmin Connect and the refusal of competitors to even offer such a breakdown.]

[November breakdown is in accurate due to bugs. "Cycling" activities were skating. "Running" activities were actually hiking]

Aside from the month just finished, 2015 was a not a bad year. More miles, faster, and yet lower heart rate. Of course, I could still want for more. A2A was the best since 2008 but well short of being good. Duluth was quite respectable but did not threaten my 2008 finish in the least.

I'm not even going to guess what 2016 will be like. Too many variables and a less stellar skating year is a price I am willing to pay to fix other things.

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