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Name: Marshall Mort
Age: 32
Skating experience: quads when i was young,8-12 then 31-current, inline skates from 11- current. Skateboarded 15-20 and snowboarded 22-current i own a longboard though it doesn't get much action.

Athletic background: baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, bad mitten, volleyball, swimming, diving, climbing things, TKD(tae kwon do), BJJ(Brazilian ju jitsu), basic gymnastics on my trampoline

I've always had good strength(not great) and been very graceful with either great stamina or just ignorant about knowing when to quit . Skating lets me use my form and precision over brute strength. Many of my friends would bet that i could bench 200+ when my body weight @ 185 is hard to get even 2 reps. BUT i can do upside down situps like a boss! Core strength FTW!

I have a daughter a wife and the best dog in the world(a german shepherd). I hadnt skated for a while and was on that road to never skate again. When my sister gave my daughter some carrera skates. I told her id be gld to teach her to skate 1.5 years ago, now shes a beast and im looking to buy inline speed gear.

I just recently competed in a speed meet in Michigan on my rec skates. I had a great time and met lots of honorable sportsmen/women. Managed 4th place for my first time.
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