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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Nice new ride. Was it just raining too hard on the first day? You did say you use the quads on wet days.
I generally won't skate in a torrent. I use my longboards for that - half as many bearings! Due to the humidity here in New Orleans many days the ground is just damp from either dew, fog, street cleaners, or past showers. My quads grip, my inline skates do not. A heel injury from pushing longboards and standing on concrete at work forced me to take a long break from pushing the boards - so I switched to the quads instead.

Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
What do you do for bearings in your quads?
Not a short answer. In general, I use cheap Chinese bearings that cost 10 cents each and keep them lubed with either Bones Speed Cream (when new) or BreakFree CLP to recover the few that get water damaged. When they get really bad I just throw them away one by one and keep replacing them with a new one as needed. It is really hard to ruin a well lubed bearing with my system.

I made two very long videos on the bearing care issue. Quite an experiment but well worth the time as I save so much money on expensive bearings that don't last any longer than the nicer cheap ones. I tested 8 different lubes and three types of bearings. The nicer bearings with rubber shields actually hold water INSIDE. The cheap ones with metal shields do not. So that's your first hint.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Next rain-out you can check them out. First one is 35 minutes, second one is 18 minutes. In summary...keep them lubed. BTW... I NEVER clean bearings. I just throw them away as they go bad which is very seldom. I can get 2 years out of a set and MAYBE lose three or four. Even skating through deep puddles. But don't just hang up your wet skates and try to deal with it a week later. Address the ones that get noisy or freeze up within 12-24 hours. As they get too noisy, toss them. 10 cents each. Often a noisy bearing will calm down after a lube and one session, so not too hasty about ditching them.

Obviously if you are racing perfect bearing quality matters. If you are training or commuting, who cares. They just need to roll freely and not sound like a jet engine warming up.

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