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Default Just starting to learn slalom...

Hi guys,

I just started to learn to slalom (well, started learning to skate, but now confident on stride 2 / parallel and a-frame turns/backwards skating / crossovers). It's amazing how much there is to learn! My coach is taking me through some simple stuff now, such as the fish, worm (sloppily), and we started doing cross. The post here on getting to the eagle was helpful and I'll keep stretching:

My skates are Fusion x5s. Tried getting Twisters but they didn't have any in stock. Meh we'll see how it goes.

Do you guys learn the moves on your own, or do you have a coach or a more experienced buddy who shows you?

Anyway, it's nice to see a forum just for slalom skating!

Edit: oh man, I just realized there's a whole new thread for people to introduce themselves. Oops! sorry!

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