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Red face I got no idea..

Originally Posted by sk84luv View Post
Thanks for educating me professor. I couldn't find that neat advertisement of yours for the Hudoras, and when all I could find was a picture of the clamp on skates, I seriously thought you were joking about making the Rings sk8 like a Hudora.

Next lesson please. How does a Hudora skate with the green barrel, and blue cone?

It don't think it could...but I have never seen a Hudora in person so IDK if Roll Line parts would fit....

What would the action be like if the cones were reversed, as I have on my Mistrals; blue barrel, green cone?

I think you need to swap the cushions and see what happens.. I won't do it because I run all greens and refuse to put anything firmer into my Roll Lines.. Also I'm certainly not a loop skater..

The whole point of the original comment was the Hudora plate was loved by figure sk8rs back in the day and normally set up Roll Lines and ATLAS plates don't have the same feel on the loops..
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