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Originally Posted by KMA View Post
I am on a cushion quest as well. Currently on my Riedells (dance and freestyle skates) I have clear urethane uppers, and gray rubber lowers. This is so much better then the rubber yellows that came with the variant M plates.

I think you might mean gray urethane?? The Roll Line rubber cushions are (softest to hardest) green, brown and yellow.. Urethane are
(softest to hardest) clear green, gray, clear blue, clear and clear yellow..

Now this is interesting. Based on the charts Roll Line published the 3 rubber cushions are roughly equivalent to the
clear green, gray and clear blue urethane cushions.

Last night I put all clear on my Harlick (figure skates only), did not like it at all.

I wonder why?? Unless you weigh well over 200 pounds you have no need of clear cushions on any Roll Line....unless you absolutely do not need them to turn...

I am not sure what to do next with those. I am thinking that I will like a combo of some sort. My figure coach is against combos,

Something to keep in mind about coaches.. More often than not their opinions are based on what worked for them. Often they loose track of the fact that no matter how hard they try to change things some sk8rs are just not them.

but I do not always listen to her, so why start now. I promised her that I would give it a couple of weeks. Well I think at least one session and lesson.

Combos are fine... the only negative is the truck swing point (where it moves between the cushions) moves up or down a bit.. The big plus is the give you the ability to dial the action into exactly where you need it.

All in all my freestyle coach loves the stability of my Riedells.

Help me out here.. I am assuming you mean your Riedell 297, Roll Line Variant M outfit??

More importantly I love them the skates hold edges better and jumps are more stable. He noticed right away. Holding edges for dance seem easier as well. AND for me I can hold a back outside edge.
Just between you me and the wall, get some softer cushions.. Granted I'm not an art sk8r but I do like my sk8s to turn.. I weigh 225 and run all greens on all my Roll Lines. (Ring, Giotto and my Chinese Navigator {plate only, everything else is real Roll Line} knockoffs)
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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