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Oooooh, tread carefully. The one thing you may notice is that if the ground is wet, you could fall harder than normal. The upside is that harder wheels seem to last longer for outdoor skating. Sliding would be easier, yes.

I'm on 87a right now and they are super slippery, it feels soooo much like ice skating, only that when I fall there is no sliding (like on ice). I'm actually thinking of going down a few durometers after a nasty fall and surgery (yup the ground was wet). But that's my issue.

Something that I do find strange though is how they are being marketed toward aggressive skaters for the two inside wheels. Why would any aggressive skater want to have 80mm wheels? Is this some new trend starting? I think I'll go over to that site and ask.

Be careful, but have fun and if you do decide to experiment please give details!!!
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