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Originally Posted by Quadster View Post
This has been a very long post, and it may not be of much interest to most people, but I just wanted to share my own personal experience (seeing as there is so little discussion available on topics such as these).
Quadster, this is the best post I have ever read on SLF - no contest.

As someone familiar with long posts (that put most people to sleep), I must say that I was so totally drawn into your precisely and eloquently written project summary, that I could almost feel your new inlines on my own feet, even better than I felt the only ones I ever tried many years ago.

While I thought I knew nearly everything there was to know about quads, your post further expanded and clarified many areas of that knowledge.

Since I have effectively no skating experience on inlines, being unable to wear them from severe ankle burn scars received in a childhood accident, I have always wanted to know how skating them would feel compared to quads.

Thanks to your post, I now have a pretty good sense of some of the many ways that quads and inlines feel and roll differently.

I also applaud your dogged efforts toward succeeding with getting exactly the right inline skate build to best suit this comparison project and to best match up with your skating skills & styles. They really look sweet too.

Posting the video links was totally icing on the cake, and I look forward to watching them many times. Nearly everyone in the SLF community could certainly find something useful and interesting in your post, and I advise all members to read and enjoy it.

Rollin' on AIR

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