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Sk8 47's new owner is an awesome skater. I haven't been able to make a session since Jim took over, thanks to my job, but all the NJ/PA skaters on Facebook seem to be very happy.

I wish I knew exactly who is now the owner of Palace, Holiday, and Cherry Hill. Back in my speedskating days, I skated for Cherry Hill Omni, and skated with a couple of the Rendfreys - I even went to Nationals with one of them as a relay partner. They are a skate family without a doubt... I just don't know whether they actually get out on the floors these days.

South Amboy is still under repair from the roof collapse this past winter; it's taking a while, but the good news is they have every intent to reopen. EWNB is still planned to be there, but if SA isn't finished in time, Jackson is the official alternate location.

Jackson has new management, and again, I haven't been there due to work, but all the reports from NJ/PA skaters on Facebook are great.

The Palace does have skate mates, but only on Saturday mornings - they're not available for any other public sessions. I can't speak for any of the other rinks re: skate mates.

Bottom Line: If you're in the PA/NJ/NY area, and not skating these rinks, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!
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