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Default Looking for lowest possible frame 3x110+100mm

Dear Fellow skaters,
I am starting to look for the next season for a hybrid frame 3x110+100mm as a replacement for my stock Powerslide X frame that came with my first speed skating set up which was Powerslide R2. In the meantime I progressed to Bont Jets, and I feel now is the time for some bigger wheels as the Powerslide X frame is rather high (overall deck height is 97mm and there is about 10mm space between the top of the second wheel and the boots undersole, which is an unnecessary waste of height; plus it feels heavy too).

I've been reading about the Schankel Litemax hy311 as a possible candidate, but this is not the newest frame and there might be other, better ones out there. Any advice is more than welcome, also links to reviews, articles and comparisons.

I will probably continue to use my 4x100 setup for technical training until I feel my form is good enough, but I also see that the 100mm wheels limit me somehow in terms of speed.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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