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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
Way to poke the bear.
This site is going down soon as we all know. But I was was just stating from observation what I have noticed. If I had yelled it and screamed a negative statement about it what I saw, that would be poking the bear. Starting all over again is tough. The arguments over"how skates work" covered a lot of opinions from a lot of people, lots of history too. So much knowledge from "experiences", that sometimes were inaccurate due to the person relating the experience not having mechanical background or logic. Lots of plowing through BS. So I was prodded enough by the"dark secrets" of skates, that I designed and built machines to analyze quads to get the real deal. Learned a ton from it. One of the skaters here even built a wheel compression device. Nice work too. The new site is a clean slate, FB is like 9 ball, not straight pool and it is tough competition.
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