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Default Flat Spotting Getting Interesting

Hey Banzai,
Guy from Hell,

Thanks for the personal experience input.

Since that Wheel Hardness test is a vertical only test and done static, it is more than possible that with sideways force or scrubbing action wheels will perform differently and independent of their vertical test when put to a horizontal stress test.

Yep the polymer mix and the process. Plus the goal of the manufacturer. I am thinking about Bones and RollLine in particular that are designed for Artistic Skating.

Most people expect plastics/polymers to behave uniformly in all directions like water or most liquids, with one test telling it all. I was going to use metals yet dang metals can be forged and also give different performance depending on direction.

This is kind of interesting since even though it adds to my technique argument it adds to why a manufacturer sticks with a certain combination. A combination that when used inappropriately for it's best use does badly for an alternative use.

I mean if you are Junk Around Skater should you use a 101 or 103a as your junk around wheel? It looks like the answer is NO or you might have to get used to more Flat Spots than another skater.

Yours in Skating, Engineering, MA/NY Skating Dave

P.S. One slight addition to Flat Spotting. I started asking again for Input on Flat Spotting from skaters. One Derby guy told me on Darts he has flatted a lot yet he loves T-Stops. Yet I don't see him skating that hard to Flat a Wheel.
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