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Smile ANY SKATE can play hockey

Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
Building a pair of outdoor skates that will see a good amount of street hockey use (and I mean "street" in a very literal sense).

It's been years since I've played, but never recall having any issues with the kind of standard mounts that stock, lower-end speed skates come with.

Since I have the choice, though, I'm wondering if something a bit more forward might be appropriate, given the conditions. Maybe somewhere between a standard and a forward mount?

Plate is what you might consider "sport" length. A size smaller than manufacturer recommendation, or in this case, a 165 on a size 9 boot.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions appreciated.

To be precise, any kind of skate can be street hockey skate, if you are not doing anything that needs the design of a hockey skate. Street hockey is more like recreational sport, short range and fun playing, not much rushing and skating.

The only think you may want to change is the wheel, change to the Rinkrat Asphalt outdoor hockey wheel, and you will pretty much never need to replace it again......I have them, and it is kind of hard to make them damaged.... very good quality on the pavement.

If what I say is not quite what you really want to know, ask me in detail so I can help.
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