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Where you like your axles, thats where they belong

Theres loads of debate on where to mount plates, what toe in or toe out to use, how far forward the front should be, and where the rear should fall for a given placement.

Myself, it doesn't matter what skates I have on my feet, as long as the front axle is far enough forward so the skate isnt tippy. I don't use toe stops, so typically I like my axles as far forward as possible. A skate is faster in top speed that way, but slightly harder to accelerate. If your goal is hockey use with toestops, a mag avenger would be a good bet. For its price point, nothing comes close. Probably the front axle to fall where you would be able to pick up a pencil between your toes would suit you well. If your playing hockey, it must be with people, does anyone else use quads? If so have or tried their gear? Or would it be possible?

As for my preference on plate placement, I like mine with a little heel out toe in compared to the traditional mounting that people use (very slight bias, nothing most would ever notice) . Also a long wheelbase is my preference. Ive never been out cornered by a short wheelbase which I couldnt easuly make up for with lateral strength and agility, maybe when im older and cant move with as much gusto, that will change.

If you want to emulate a longer wheelbase feel, you could try on some rentals that are too big, this will push the axle forward under your foot. And while this isnt the exact feeling youll get since the boot will be too big, it should be approximate enough for you to make a decision as to where you would want yours put in the fore/aft direction.

What you need to consider is everything, and how much you got to work with. Wheels will make one of the largest impacts on your skates performance aside from a good fitting boot, and a properly set up suspension.
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