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I see no reason to change anything between indoors and outdoors, if your speed skating the front axle is naturally more forward, if you're dancing and playing around moving the front axle back a bit gives the skates more action, as far as the rear axle, as long as it's not in front of the outer ankle bone you're in the Best spot, all the stability you need and a plate that's not so long it doesn't have good action.

So are you d/a 45 or less, different type of style both work, with the lower degree king pins 5-10 and somewhat 18, you tend to rock on your inner or outer wheels to turn sharply, with the 45 action, it turns with all four wheels down, have skated both extensively, prefer the 45.

Again, the front axle placement determines the action of the skate, the further forward the less action, more stability, and vice-versa. Putting the front axle forward for outdoor skating is silly, just step over the cracks and stones, falling once will teach you how (wrist guards) unless of course your speed skating outdoors, but why not on inlines?
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