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Originally Posted by RollerDad View Post
Hey Everybody! My name is Jeff and I live just outside Austin, Texas in a little city called Lago Vista. I am 43, married and have 2 teenage daughters who also skate. I have been skating since I was about 8 years old. During my teenage years, I was a DJ / floor guard at Forum RollerWorld in Grand Prairie, TX and I was a competitive artistic roller skater, too.

I diverged away from skating in my late teens / 20s, but I got back into skating in my early 30s after my daughters were old enough to skate. I forgot just how much I love it! It's so much fun and a great way to try to stay in shape (I hate the treadmill!)

I'm a quad skater. I've tried inlines, but I'm just so much more comfortable on my quads and don't have that much desire to learn the other one right now. I'm currently rolling on a set of Vanilla Diamond skates with Super Reds bearings and RollerBones Elite 103a wheels. I like my wheels hard because I love sliding, turning and spinning.

I've done some quad speed skating practices, but that's been mostly just for fun with my girls and getting some exercise. And, my girls are starting to get to the driving age and they are skating less and less....just as I want to skate more and more. Go figure.

So, anyways, that's a little about me. Looking forward to being here and talking skating with all of you.
Yea my kids all but quit. They grew up on every Sunday skating. But I still do twice a week anyway. Canít stop.
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