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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Hi guys. When I got my custom 172's I was REALLY surprised at the poor quality of the insole. It's basically like a piece of cardboard. So I ordered an Edea insole. Nothing special, just a regular $8 insole (not the under soles) Anyway, I just realized tonight that it's just not wide enough. It's too narrow. My big toe gets crammed in the crevasse, sometime my little toe gets crammed on the other side and it pinches.

So I took the insole out of my old 120's (D width...wide). They are comfortable, cushy and they fit perfect. The quality way better than the 172's. It was the best night I had so far. To get to the point. My old insoles STINK. I really don't want them in my new beautiful boots.

Can you recommend anything D width for Riedell? I'll still be putting my Noene under soles under it (I adore these). Doesn't matter if it's specifically for skates. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
look for something that has to be cut on sides and length for correct fit, in walmarts or online maybe at amazon
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