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Cool Greetings from Salt Lake City


I (accidentally?) became a roller skater last year while planning my birthday party at the local roller rink. An Instagram user that I follow had been posting all sorts of stuff about roller skating (@misscobra) and gradually I became more and more interested. I mentioned to my mother that I was planning a party at the skate rink and she mentioned that she could never rent skates, since her feet are "too wide." At the time, I believed her, and wondered if perhaps my feet were "too wide" and my birthday plans would be spoiled when the rental counter couldn't accommodate. Not to be prevented from roller skating, I got on eBay with an aim to find a pair of skates that would fit--I found a pair that were ending the next day with an option to "make an offer." Since the skates were still available, I decided to offer the seller half the asking price and went to bed. In the morning, I was surprised and delighted to learn that the seller had accepted my offer and on March 2, 2017 my first pair of skates arrived--Sure Grip Classic plates mounted to Riedell 220 boots. (I have no idea how old these skates are, but the trucks had 7mm axles when they arrived. I had almost no idea what I was doing, but managed to learn quite a lot by lurking here on the SkateLog forums.)

Not long after skating regularly at the rink, I was approached to play men's roller derby. Initially, I refused, stating a lack of interest, but eventually I relented. It didn't take long for me to "break" my plates--I actually just managed to strip out the hex wrench socket on one king pin, but it constituted an emergency, as I was skating constantly. Lucky for me, I live very close to the SkateNow shop, and rushed around the corner about 15 minutes before it would close for the weekend to buy a new set of skates. I arrived back home with a pair of R3s and crisis was averted.

Eventually, I bought replacement parts for the Classic plates and swapped the old trucks for some with 8mm axles. These became my outdoor skates. I wasn't particularly thrilled about the R3s, so it wasn't long before I had Eric at the SkateNow shop put put together a new pair of Bont boots and Arius plates, primarily for playing roller derby. And then I quit roller derby. I probably lasted four months before I deciding that roller derby wasn't my thing, but not before completing the basic skills course faster than any previous skater.

At that point, the Bont skates became my rink skates and the R3s ended up in the closet. I don't really have a primary interest in skating; that is, there's not one type that attracts my attention the most. I probably prefer street skating, slalom, and park skating the most, but I also enjoy trail skating and jam/dance skating at the rink. I recently entered the Salt Lake City Marathon's 10K Skate and realized that I also have an interest in speed skating on quads--is that even real? I'm of the opinion that when a skater wants speed, they skate on in-lines... but I'm willing to have my mind changed. In fact, I'm hoping to chase down those in-liners on my quads next year, but it just dawned on me today that I probably need to make the Bont skates my outdoor skates and skate on the Riedells at the rink.

Anyhow, that's a brief summary of my skate life over the last year or so. I'm looking forward to learning more about shoes with wheels on them... and suspect another pair of skates for the skate park may be in my near future.
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