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Default Lufkin Rink...

Usually I have to go down to 93a (Shamans) or previously 90a Grip (Faster). Last weekend I made one change but also found out the owners cleaned the floor. I finally opened up the compression on my F1 plates to the max (since recovering from broken bone in my foot). This is the loosest I have ran them so far and now would have to go to a combination of Blues.

Anyway last Saturday, traction was phenominal on the Green Shamans. So this weekend I have put the 97a Shamans on, traction is there! I have never been able to run this hard of a wheel in all the years I have skated here. Monzas may be in order in the near future. And the floor is never recoated, it has a special clear floor seal with graphics painted in.
Realy enjoying new found ant-slip...
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