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Originally Posted by rtoshow View Post
Has anyone ever tried or attended an outdoor skating session? Maybe once a month or every couple weeks? In a park or something similar?

Obviously, everyone would have to have their own skates. Would be nice to have a bunch of used ones for people that needed to rent skates.

Add a DJ, a food vendor and a nice night. Sounds like a blast!

Thoughts & ideas welcome :-)
Here in San Diego, CA 2 or 3 every weekend. They are mostly old school skaters doing dance, usually turnout are 5 to 10 people. All at the waterfronts.

There are some great places to skate here, but there is almost zero interest in outdoor skating anymore I remember when our beach boardwalks had hundreds in the 70's and 80's. Now you can walk for miles and see none or if you see someone it's usually an inline skater.

However, roller skates in skate-parks are popular here. I think they are more fun than boardwalks as most cities walks are getting too old, too many cracks, etc.

It's funny, it's become such an esoteric interest if you are into it for long you know almost all of then in your city.

We need to make America skate again!
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