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Default Hey Skaters

Adult Night was pretty fun last night, although full of problems for me. I guess considering how smoothly it goes most of the time, I was due for some trouble. First off, I asked a buddy of mine to swap out my bearings and put my new wheels on my skates. he brought them and I was so excited to try them out. I went around a few times, getting a feel for them, and then one of the wheels seemed to just stop, it was strange. Well I came around the next turn and the problem revealed itself - one of my frickin wheels came off! It was scary as hell. Amazingly, I didn't fall, I just stopped, SUPER fast. Then I hobbled to the center. I had lost the nut. We looked for it but couldn't find it. Luckily I had my old skates with me so I just put those on.

The rest of the night was great fun, couples skating. Lots of amateurs but we zoomed right through them. Late in the night, three amateurs fell directly in front of us. We tried so valiantly to get around them but no luck. Man I fell hard, right on my elbow. (No I don't wear elbow pads). I didn't get run over though and the floor guard came and got me up. I had a giant goose egg on my arm/elbow, bruised up my hip and knee. Another fun night of skating! Well it just seems like if you haven't fallen recently, you are due to fall soon. So that was mine, I hope I get a break for awhile longer!!
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