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School holiday chaos! At the hockey rink. Was quite well frequented for a change. They must be promoting their school holiday programme. Think there was about 8 paid session skaters and about 40 kids from the holiday programme.

Sounds like hell, but was actually was safer than the average Saturday session, since only a few of the kids were good enough to make a nuisance of themselves.

Everyone on inlines, except for me on quads. Lots of kids gawking at them, and asking me questions, I suspect having never seen them before in their life. Music was the same playlist as Saturday's session.

So, back on my quads. Session #4. Crossovers again were my major focus, and *finally* getting continuous action happening. It's still a mighty ugly thing, but getting that continuous flow happening feels great, allows one to lean forward and start getting thrust and feels better balanced, since the push is of course ones ticket out of trouble on skates.

Did some grapevine practice (not straying too far away from the wall yet). Figured that most of my balance fear on quads, is a fear of the unknown. In particular, the unknown amount that one can lean forward or back before one kisses the floor. So, since grapevine is all heel and toe pivots turns, I figured that it'll teach me where where those critical balance points actually are.

The grapevine's front to back transition (a 3 turn?) is coming along nicely, it's marginally easier than on inlines, due to the shorter wheelbase, but the back to front, which requires a pigeon toe'd both-feet-balance-on-the-toes spin, is not working just yet. Hairy hairy stuff.

Also for kicks, did a bit of Forward Nelson practice (an inline slalom move). Which is possibly a little easier on quads, due to being able to slow it right down without falling over. Easier off cones anyway. I suspect, like most slalom moves, it'd be very hard on quads around 80cm cones though, even soft DA45s, just because you need such tight turns.

Anyway, had a few fleeting moments of feeling like I was skating my skates, rather than my skates skating me. Which is very heartening.
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