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Dennis Lauer
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Yes it was a good session and the floor was amazingly good, hardly any slip at all. I thought that it was possiby because it was also the cleanest I've seen the floor ever. When I got home there was hardly any caked on dirt on my wheels.

It was so good that your old skates went to new girls that will really enjoy using them.

Quote" 7 Skaters On the upside, they were really cracking down on camera usage. Of course, on the down side, that's ALL they were cracking down on. Not too many were going in the wrong direction but there were a few and we had one mom carrying her kid on the floor that the guards never said anything too."

Is the down side from the floor guards? The floor guards only do as directed by management. The wrong way skaters and those skaters that cut off other skaters with no regard for the safety of themselves or the skaters they cut off needs to be addressed by management. Also at the session you may not have seen the young children, to young to know better, crawling around on the darkened skate floor trying to stay on the portions of the floor that were lighted by the moving colored spot lights. this was the most dangerous thing I saw at the session and it was totally ignored by at least one floor guard and apparently not seen by the other floor guards as nothing was done about it.

All of the down things were still outweighed by the much improved skate floor!

Dennis Lauer
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