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Default Similar problem!

Necrothread ressurect! Just in case you're still skating...was just searching for Manchester skating trails myself & I see you received no replies - hardly surprising unfortunately, as it seems outdoor skating in the UK is a mysterious, arcane art to all those outside London (or Nottingham, who also have excellent organised street skates).

I go to the cycle track at UCLAN in Preston - it's just under a mile and closed to the public (supposedly), when I want to train (Skatemania [google it] also run marathon events there and at Rhyl). 4 a pass, unlimited time. You have to check it is available first as it can be booked privately or other events mean it's often closed. Apart from the random dog walkers who somehow get onto the 'closed' track, it's my favourite skate training location - the track is smooth enough to use indoor quad skate wheels (there was a couple skating on Belair Hockey wheels, 101a hardness, at last weekend's marathon/dual marathon event!).

As I live in Wigan, other than that it's the park in the centre - which isn't ideal for distance training but OK for a potter about - or Victoria Park or the promenade in Southport.

Other than that, Wigan Roller Rink is one of the largest in the UK and is a great indoor venue (but can get busy with kids etc).
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