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I started on quads and skateboards back in 79, test skated rollerblades in the very early eighties and hated them ( mostly cause i destroyed 2 pairs in 4 days.... they weren't made real well then.) got a pair of Tar-Mac's with hyper giants on em around 92 and fell in love with em for outdoor and ramp skating.
then picked up K2 fattys etc etc.

very recently I've gone back to the rink regularly back on my quad art/shuffle style skates and fell in love all over again. I skate quads mainly nowadays (albeit mainly cause i need the practice relearning tricks and dance moves)
but i love my inlines too. no quad set up i have will allow me the speed to just blow away bike riders the way my 100mm rolerblades will. and for agro skating I love both. my next pairs will be an agro tracker style quad set up and a pair of seba's for slalom style (that i can't wait to bring in the rink )

Bottom line..... I SKATE therefore I am.

don't matter how or why, just get your roll on. cause all skaters are frigging cool..... the rest of the world is missing out. pity them not us.
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