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Originally Posted by Larry_PA View Post
In my youth, when sneakers were made of canvas, and skates had wooden wheels, I skated on that's all there was. I skated with my children on quads. Then stopped skating for a number of years. I started inlines, and it took me about 2 days to get the hang of them. I skate inlines now, but I went to an Adult session in Delaware and saw how kewl everyone was dancing and skating, and thought that I would like to learn that. So the next week I rented a pair of quads, and I could barely skate at all. Maybe I got a bad set but they were lumbering to skate with and I could not get much speed up, nor do crossovers well. I don't know what happened cause I used to be pretty decent.

I would like to do some skate dancing, and I think the quads are the way to go, but not sure if I want to put the time in.
I'd be tempted to say its because compared to inlines quads are slow and awkward, you just don't realize it untill you've skated on inlines. I do believe that Quads have advantages over Inlines and my point in starting this thread was to discern what these advantages are. Such as, you look better doing artistic skating... but it this because so few people skate on pic skates?

Possibly we need the opinion of people who have changed from inlines to quads.
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