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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Hey Joey, nice skates. Great turn around! I have the same wheels for outdoor skating and I really like them, especially for street skating at night when you're not really sure what your gonna roll over.
So far so good on the new wheels. I can now T-Stop easily and way better than the loaner wheels I started with. I like that round outer edge. And they do roll over just about everything outdoors. Expansion joints in concrete can be tricky whereas my inlines don't even notice them. Otherwise, great.

I also have similar trucks/frames. How do you like them? I had to loosen mine because I couldn't make tight one footed turns. Did you put the frame on yourself? Was it hard? Any challenges?
I like the frames fine. Got them from the local Derby store and this was really my only choice without going real high end. So the frames kinda chose me. Once I loosened the trucks up ALL THE WAY i started liking the frames a lot better. I really wanted a speed/distance frame with a lot of stability going in a straight line - and this is what I got. So I am very happy with them now.

I put the frames on myself. Back when inline skates were the rage I worked at a store that built custom skates, mostly speed and hockey. Mounted lots of frames so I had no problems. I did check online for some tips first as I don't have a ton of experience with quad plates/frames.

Also of course, you know I have to ask because you too enjoy slalom inline skating...
How do you like skating in a short boot/sneaker style skate? In the world of inline slalom skating it seams that the tightness of the boot around the ankle is the MOST important thing. I find that even now I have to put on my inline skates once a week just to strengthen my ankles. Even a tall/boot style roller skate doesn't need to be laced quite the way freestyle inline skates do.
Even for slalom I never tighten the top ratchet very much anyway. I wear all my inlines like hockey skates - with the high part fairly loose. So converting to low boots was no big deal. My last pair of quads (1980-1988) were low boots as well. Obviously, I am not doing tricks that require a tight ankle. I see myself as a hockey player trying to improve my balance, forward to backwards transitions, one footed skating, etc., when skating around the cones. Outdoor skating is possible all year in New Orleans. If I had long, dark, frozen winters I feel I would likely become a "real" freestyle slalom skater.

Also, one last question, have you done any slalom on roller skates yet??? DO TELL!!!
I have not ventured into backward skating on the quads yet (I was an expert back in the day). I am trying to reach a mileage goal (3190miles) before the end of the year and do not want to get banged up. After December 31st I am throwing the GPS in the river, so, you can almost bet a paycheck the quads will be kicking cones!

Thanks for the interest!

BTW...3190 miles is the distance from Portland Maine, to Portland Oregon. I am at 2920 now. 2906 is the distance from NYC to San Francisco, so I got that one a couple days ago! Most definitely want 3000 for 2017.
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