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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Edit: it looks like a lot of dry rubbing going on, which is causing the durability issues./edit

I would still recommend some grease where the cushions meet the truck, it gets to a point where the cushion stack is shifting and flexing on that small retainer/washer instead of the truck yoke. which is not what you want, as that destroys the cushions when there is dry friction on the small end of the cone.

The large end of the cone has more material, and more contact with another surface which will resist deforming before the small end because its cupped in the truck's yoke.

I know my daughter is not at your weight, but the function of the floor side cushions is the same on both plates. I added grease to her suspension and her 2 year old floor side cushion had near zero wear(some compression set) and we skated 3 (sometimes 4)sessions a week plus outdoor. We did a lot more than just skate in a straight line, LOTS of hard turns, cant help it, small rink, plus we use other skaters like an obstacle course

Remember that virtually anything that develops a tear or abrasion will have that area propagate in size, so the abrasion causes the initial damage, then it appears to habe a "crushed" appearance, i can assure you that is not crushing damage.
Im suspecting the damage is from using the undersized washer. It occurs only on one cushion. The front bottom cushion on theleft skate. No wear on any of the other cushions. The other cushions are set up the same way but show zero wear.
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