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About 10 miles on the Palmer Trail outside Easton, Pennsylvania. Beautiful trail. ...until it gets to Hackett Park. Now here's what I'm dealing with: (1) the asphalt trail is wet, so traction (braking, turning) is an issue; (2) the trail narrows, again limiting braking options; (3) it was my first time on the trail, so I didn't know what to expect; (4) I had just climbed a steep hill, and I could see that the trail is pointing down again...

So, with this knowledge, what did I do? Surely, I turned back around, right? Or carefully picked my way down? No, I sent it.

Sheer terror followed.

I began to pick up speed faster than I could slow down. Too little room for slalom turns at speed. T-stopping had me slipping while accelerating. Nowhere beside the trail to bail. The best I could manage was to snow plow down that entire section. That section ended up dropping 114 vertical feet over about .3 miles for a 7.2% grade.

And then I saw it...

...At the very bottom of the hill, the trail would veer left—hard left. It gets worse: immediately before the turn, storm run-off had covered the entry to the corner in dirt. Wet pavement, sharp turn, narrow trail, dirt, and at this point I'm really booking. Would I make the turn? Iffy.

I hit the pavement at 24mph.
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