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Originally Posted by Foot2big View Post
...Safety first, KICK THE DOG AS HARD AS YOU CAN! Practice makes perfect...I'm not a bad person, but if you have a bad dog and bring it to my exercise area, don't expect me to pull punches...
Unfortunately, the dog went from zero to 100 so fast, even though i am always prepared for an attack when I pass a dog walker he still got me somehow. I got both hands on him and maybe a knee, which i guess elevated his mouth to my ribcage. I am grateful that he got teeth on me in a flat spot, not a calf or forearm where he could have done a lot more damage from crushing jaws and probably a lot more punctures.

Last week I had a doberman try the same thing and got a wrist guard in the throat as he went for my leg. Not a tooth touched me. The guy walking the dog apologized, then told me the dog hates skaters. That made me want to punch him in the throat too. I just told him "Great place to walk him then".

The bite is healing up. No infection. Probably have a scar for quite a while, which is good. Something to show people who let their mutts off the leash on the fitness path. Had the dog been off the leash, or on a extra long leash I probably would have made a big deal out of it. And the girl was as surprised as I was and quite upset. Dog's shots were current. I can still skate. Feelin' lucky man.
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