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HOLY SHI7! Bad dog! Gnarly wound dude, keep care on that..... dammmmm

I love dogs, and understand that when you put wheels on feet they like to get stupid, and it is for that reason that I spent an entire summer learning to do 180 bonks. It's where you skate up to an object and as you go by you jump into a 180 and kick it on the way thru the rotation. I always imagined several scenarios. Pissed off hombre, High kick!! Pissed off mongrel, low kick.

I have encountered many dogs. Stick that skate right in their open mouth and they'll shut right up. We had a skater get attacked by a german shepard on the high road around our lake. The dog didn't hurt her as much as the 70' fall down the embankment around the dam. Safety first, KICK THE DOG AS HARD AS YOU CAN! Practice makes perfect.

I'm not a bad person, but if you have a bad dog and bring it to my exercise area, don't expect me to pull punches. I don't want to wind up with a nasty hole in my leg like Joey. (seriously tho. Punctures are the worst bro.)
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