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Originally Posted by Foot2big View Post
...I can't tell you how many times I was just standing there minding my own business and WHAM right on the a55....

I only fell 3 times today....I'm getting VERY good at falling.
Dude. Falling is part of the program for aggressive skaters as you know better than likely anyone here. So even though none of us wants to see you dinged, few would be surprised by the news that you hit the ground. Unless you fell off the porch on the way to the rail.

I fall about once a year. But thanks to my new parking lot in the local park I am starting to mess around with freestyle slalom again. There will be falling almost certainly, usually going backwards. Hope I don't get a cone up the arse too. But if I fall down the stairs leaving the house, give a guy some sympathy.

You know I am just messing with you. Looking at your physique in those videos I bet you can take a fall better than any of us old farts. I am 150 lbs of muscle and bone - mostly bone unfortunately. Very little of me is padded. And once a year falling is not considered "practice". I am so proud of myself just getting up after a nice crash. If I can still skate I feel like Superman!
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