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Originally Posted by Kwite-Tite View Post
I was a Pike Rollarena Rink Rat. I even slept there one night on the organ stage during a weekend long invitational competition! During my most competitive years in the mid 1960's, I probably was there 4 nights a week either at a session or "dance step and figures night", not including the 2 private lessons a week by myself and with my partner. Like you, I met my wife there when her parents brought her up from NE Philly because they heard of Bill Clark and wanted to see him in person. We were 15 at the time, and we've now been married for 35 years. It was ironic to see your post because I was looking at old photos last week taken at the rink during the wedding reception for the rink owner's son. Talk about a large dance floor! The building is still there, but it has changed its use several times over the decades. My parents house was 5 minutes away, and I passed it many times until their nearly simultaneous passing several years ago. Despite my formal dance training, I loved to fleahop and have fond memories of steaming around the rink to Bill Clark's bouncing organ music with 10-20 of the other regulars, clacking our skates, putting one leg up on the railing, and seeing my parents beaming from the seats. Sweet youth....

The love for skating must be in our genes, because my daughter and son both skate, with my son an avid skater with many more pairs of skates than I ever dreamed of owning, and an extremely active member of the Skatelog forum (CHSC Floor Guard)

Well hello Kwite Tite!!!!!!!! What a terrific suprise! In the Mid 60's my husband was in the Navy so I don't think he competed then. I didn't meet him until 1973. The competitive club was not as big or active by the 70's. David and Paula was the Junior team that I spoke of doing the exibition at the Christmas Party / session. Theo and Sue were the pro's David was their son and Paula their neice.

I already mentioned how much I loved the Flea Hoppers too... There is man down at Fantasy in Reading who was one of the originals. His daughter skates and we just saw him this afternoon when we went down to Fantasy to watch their Test Center! OH!!! YES. the railing!!! I remember the skates flung up on the railing. Amazing !!! There is still a few of the original's that skate. One, PaPa John, is still very active skating around the NJ and PA area. And heads down to Florida each February for the Extravaganza!!! He is coming up on 80 soon and still looks good and skates "very good" !!! Him amd his wife Nancy come up to Olympic for the Organ Jamborees. Speaking of Jamborees... Bill Clark lives and plays in Florida now. But when he comes up to PA to visit family he stops in at Olympic to play a session with Marty Dumic. Last fall he played and it was a wonderful session. Last year at an Organ Jamboree there was a shuffle pack that grew to 24 skaters. I said to my husband "WOW, I havent's seen a pack that big since the Flea Hoppers skated 'back in the day" !!! Our son spent many a 2nd session sleeping on a pile of coats in the corner when he was a toddler. Not quite as great as the sleep over you had but now you know that you have something in common with him too

,,, and "yes"... "in the genes" ... we have 3 generations on the floor on Tuesday evenings!

Yes, we did see the building a couple of times over the years. It was a boat warehouse at one point. And the wedding reception... was that Bobby's wedding or Bill's? I would imagine it was Bobby's... Him and Joyce had a "BIG" wedding. I saw their picture album. We moved here to the Harrisburg shortly after Bobby and Joyce had a baby. I lived in Hatboro and my husband lived in Warrington and he skated Warrington as a kid and as a teen! He started having an interest in dance skating there. One of the girls showed him the Imperial and Flirtation Waltzs... she was tired of never having anyone to waltz with!

Well it's so nice to know someone else thinks about Pike with such fondness too. It's also neat that you two met there too!!! We are also married 35 years this year.

Thanks for posting anf saying hello.... and Glad my post put a smile on your face!!!

When Bill Clark is coming up to visit again and Marty announces that he will be playing at Olympic I hope I remember to PM you and your son to let you know when the session will be!

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