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Hey Joey,
I usually remember to post my monthlies in the GPS thread, but don't often remember to come in here...

Hope you're healing up well. Earlier in the season, I had an equipment malfunction and took a spill, landing with my arm crushed up against my chest. That hurt like heck, and did a number on my ribs for a few weeks too. No fun!

I think I've complained in here before that my new skates (Seba Trix2 90) seem slower than my old skates (K2 Mod 8). For the heck of it, I took my old skates out for 12 miles over the weekend, and averaged 12.7mph. Best I'd done on my Seba's recently (on the same route) is just shy of 11mph, so definitely slower. So I pulled off the 12.0" 4x80 frame from my K2s and bolted it up to my new Seba boots. Hopefully I'll get to give the new mixed setup a try this weekend. The Sebas are definitely more comfortable, so I do want to stick with those boots. Kind of sucks to give up the 90s though. The other option I may try later as well is my old 5x80 frame on the Seba boots - that could be a fun setup too.

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