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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
Hi Aaron,
Yes! I can't even keep up with my own entries, Sheesh!

I am really thinking the Super Deluxe plate. Got email from Jody at Connies and he said that I won't get full exchange but I might get something. He said they would let him know on Friday. So I wait.

I plan on visiting the skate part soon and check it out. Checking my street for road and side walk conditions to skate. I'll go to the rink but only seldom.

I'll make sure the plates are sized correctly and I use the hardest rubber cushions. No urethane for me...

Skate parks arenít too bad. Basketball pads grip a bit too much. Ok to do a little jump but not really spin. Iíve tried it all. Nothing compares to rink time for dance.
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