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Hi Don,
I could not find anything on Circle K wheels. Also I don't plan on cutting down a boot. Just trying to figure out what will be best for me.


Originally Posted by emtdpf View Post
Afternoon Jim!

Glad to see that you aregetting serious about coming back in the pool! lol

Couple of things.

297, if you dont want them as tall, just take them to an olde shoe maker and they can cut off the top inch or so..(I had this done to my dance skates)

Outside wheels, not sure if the are still around, but Circle K seemed to be a narrower wheel than the Kryptos... I had both and skated both outside with my speed skates.......(years ago).. but I would say that anything with a very soft durometer should work, maybe even a softer rollerbones? But as Larry mentioned, you better be ready for the jumps, as those softer wheels are not going to be forgiving.

Outside boot.....instead of beating up your new 297, why not go out and get a pair of older hockey boots your size, take the blade off and mount your plate on it...., you can make those boots as tight or as loose as you need, just by lacing them....... again, years ago, I had a pair that I used for everything other than dance / speed. You might be able to go to a hockey shop and see if there are any used there?

Plates...... your choice, what ever makes you happy, but, it sounds like it needs to be a beefier plate.

Maybe Doc has some ideas on outside packages?

My $.02
Jim (The Ancient One)
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