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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Hello and welcome back to skating! Everyone's opinions are going to be sooo different.

I'd start by recommending inline skates. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT BEAT INLINE SKATES FOR OUTDOOR SKATING. They are much easier to learn on and can handle almost anything. I'd go with either K2 or Rollerblades to start with. Look for any recreation-model skates.

Your best bet would be a skate that comes with a size 80-90mm wheel. The wheel will be soft between 70-85 durometer.

If you choose to go with a quad skate, that's cool too, but you'll be limiting yourself and your freedom outside. I only have limited experience here. I began quad skating after 30 years too and went with a Riedell boot and soft wheels (for outside). My outdoor wheels are 78A hardness, and they are fantastic for outdoor skating. They are the Radar Energy wheels. Riedell's are amazing skates.

Wish you lots of luck. More than anything, HAVE FUN!!!
Wow, we were beginning to wonder if anyone traveled these parts on this forum or not.

Thank you for your reply and taking the time to share. PM sent
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