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Skatervideoguy... Nice videos! You do the 1 foot toe spins very smoothly. I usually don't stretch my leg out as much and generate momentum with my arms. I usually hold my right leg higher, then bring my arms in and leg down when I begin to slow to maintain the spin.

The 3rd video, the guy has some nice low spins into the leg kickouts. I do those sometimes. As for the close-foot spins he's trying to do, all he has to do is hold his right toes off the ground some and he'll be able to maintain a smoother, more balanced spin for more revolutions. Holding his hands up a little higher and maintaining them will help his balance too. Little trick I learned.

The 4th video I see he's doing the toe spins into low spins and into quicker toe spin. Nice!

The last video of the guy with the toe spins. Nice!

I learned that good toe work helps with your skating in general. I learned good balance by picking 2 songs and skating around the cones for the entire time doing different moves and spins on my toes. Now, I'm able to go into a two-foot toe spin and then lift one leg up into a one-foot toe spin. I'm almost there but not quite to my liking. The next move I want to learn is going into a low spin on my toes on one foot. Saw some guy at the rink do it Sunday.
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