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I can haz speed?
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Thurs 3/12
12.97 miles 41:50 18.6 mph 172/182
I planned on doing an easy skate as part of tapering for the weekend but the Simmons/Schankel team came down and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to skate with them. Alternated skating behind them and bike pacing so I could watch pro technique on the way out. When I started getting a little toasty I dropped behind and slowed up to get my heart rate back down. Cut a half mile off the route and hopped back in on the return leg. Stuck with them for most of the way back until they really picked it up, dropped off and followed the bike back in.

Sat 3/14
7 mile Time Trial 22:37 18.6 mph 177/191 92%
I started off good, got up to speed smoothly enough and set the pace I wanted. I don't know if I was too hyped up or what, I couldn't relax and skated with way too much tension. At just past mile 3 my heart rate had hit almost 95% and stayed there. I nearly blew up once I hit upwind so I had to back way off for awhile to try to recover. Heart rate only came down a little so I finally forced myself to relax, make some technique adjustments, my pace came up again and I made some of the time back up. Chalk it up to needing more experience. I'm still happy with the result as I knocked off around 1 1/2 minutes off last years time.

Sun 3/15
Squiggy Marathon 1:23:09 18.9 172/188 89%
I made things interesting for myself this year by skating Pro Masters. I knew that I probably had no chance of hanging for the duration. I was hoping to stay on for a lap or 2 if I could get past the first mile and they didn't keep the hammer down the whole time. I basically wanted to see where I was at and how much farther I needed to improve to be able to race at that level. I also knew I would have no trouble staying with the advanced group and they would pick me up after I dropped off. Short version-need some more work.

I took off from the line strong, sprinted up to speed and jumped in mid-pack. The pace quickly picked up to about 25 mph and stayed there. That's about my all out fastest I can go, practically sprinting and it isn't pretty at that speed. I started getting shuffled to the back of the pack on any little gap I left in front of me. The pace dropped off some, I thought I was safe, then it picked up again and I threw in the towel before I blew myself out. After speaking to Lenny later, I made the right choice. They kept that pace for the whole first lap and at one point had the Pro men in sight before they pulled away. At least now I know where I need to be, what to work on and hopefully someday I can reach that level..

Skated by myself until the advanced group picked me up at mile 5. I jumped in behind Hong and 2 girls on my team at the front of the pack and tried to recover. Once I was on though, 2 girls from another team started throwing attacks right away. I stayed with them but it cooked me pretty good. I never did fully recover after that so I didn't try to go up front and take any leads. I made it my job to protect a 3rd team member with us. He never does marathons, just mainly 500m races. He's a really strong sprinter so the plan was to stay close to the front, keep him behind me, cover any breaks and lead him out for the final sprint. Worked until the last few miles. There was a lot of jockeying for position at that point with lots of attacks. I moved up one side and he dropped back a little on the other, neither of us noticed in time, there was an attack and he couldn't make the gap. After that I moved up close to the front for the final sprint and came across in 6th. I could have moved up for a better position, but I was 30 sec behind from starting with a different wave so it didn't make much difference and I was happy enough with it.

It wasn't a very cooperative group in front for most of the race.We easily could have knocked off at least a couple of minutes off the time if everybody worked together. Some didn't like it, but for me, I found it was much more competitive and fun. More a race than a fast group skate.

If I had entered in the Advanced category I would have placed 1st in age group and at least 2nd overall male. No regrets though. I took 5 min off my time last year for a pr and learned far more in this race than in all my others combined. Had a great time.

Thanks to Birgit and Jessica for another great event!

And congratulations to all that skated and to those that set pb's.

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