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I don't have any experience with the Triax, but we've tried the others. My daughter's first inlines were a pair of Pic skates. They are nice skates. The frame is rockered to simulate the feel of ice. The only drawback is that the adult frames have four wheels and her coach told us that the extra length would interfere with some jumps and spins. She now has SnowWhites and they are wonderful! This frame is also rockered, but the toe stop is adjustable (unlike Pic Skates) and shaped like the Snyder toe stop that she is used to with her quad artistic skates. Additionally, Arthur Lee, designer & distributor of the SnowWhite is *awesome*. We received nothing but top-notch customer service every step of our purchase of the SnowWhites. I don't think that we will ever try anything else

I have heard that the Triax frame isn't rockered (which may have changed since I last researched them) but the non-rockered frame seems to be preferred by traditional quad skaters changing over to inline.
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