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Forum Games

Here are some of the forum games we like to play in the SkateLog inline skating and quad roller skating forums.

Band Name Game
One person posts a message with the name of a band. The next person has to think of a band that starts with the last letter of the previous band's name. Example:
  • PERSON #1: Beatles (next band name has to start with "S")
  • PERSON #1: Santana (next band name has to start with "A")
  • PERSON #1: Abba (next band name also has to start with "A")
  • (etc)

    Corrupt a Wish
    One person posts a wish. The next person answers that wish, but adds negative consequences. And they post a wish of their own. Here are some examples:
  • PERSON 1: I wish I had x-ray vision
  • PERSON 2: Granted, but it only works in nursing homes. I wish I were rich.
  • PERSON 3: Granted, but after a few months of having anything you want, you don't want anything any more. I wish I had skating legs like Theresa Cliff.
  • PERSON 4: Granted, but you have to live in a place that has nowhere to skate (etc)

    This and That
    One person asks a question with two possible answers. the next person answers and asks their own question. Here are some examples:
  • PERSON 1: Skateboards or Rollerblades?
  • PERSON 2: Rollerblades. Pop or Rock?
  • PERSON 3: Rock. Playstation or XBox
  • PERSON 4: XBox. Peanut Butter or Jelly? (etc)

    Three Word Story
    In this game, everybody in the forum tells a story, with each person adding three words at a time. You can't post two times in a row, but otherwise you can post as many times as you want. Each month we start a new story. At the end of each story, anybody who wants to can end the previous month's story using as many words as they want.
  • Introduction to the "Three Word Story" Game
  • September 2006 Three Word Story Game

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