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2007 Skating Wall Calendars

A collection of 2007 inline skating wall calendars that are available for purchase now. If you know about any inline skating or quad roller skating calendars that are not included on this page, please post a note in the Skating Wall Calendars Discussion in the SkateLog Forum.

Sarah Curtiss Skaters Rule 2007 Skating Calendar
Skaters Rule by Sarah Curtiss

Sarah Curtiss "Skaters Rule" Calendar
This unusual inline skating wall calendar features full color paintings by San Francisco artist Sarah Curtiss of an inline skater's feet, legs, and hips in various positions. Some of the paintings in this calendar - such as the one called "Blue Moon" - are a bit racy! All of the images can be previewed by connecting to the Skater's Rule Calendar Web Site and selecting "Preview This Calendar".

Darlene Prois 2007 Speed Skating Calendar
Inline Skating by Darlene Prois

Darlene Prois Inline Skating Calendar
This skating wall calendar by Minnesota photojournalist Darlene Prois features her pictures of inline races across the United States including Northshore, St. Paul, Napa Valley, Long Beach, Texas Road Rash, Elkhart Lake, Hoyt Lakes, Big Granite, and Hayward. All of the images in this calendar can be previewed on the Darlene Prois Skating Calendar Web Site.

US Speed Skating Team Wall Calendar
U.S. Speed Team

U.S. Inline Speed Team Skating Calendar
This speed skating wall calendar features individuals photos of members of the United States Inline Speed Skating Team. It was created by an organization called "Send the Best to Worlds" and it is a fundraiser to help send the U.S. speed team to the world championships. All of the images in this calendar can be previewed on the Send the Best Skating Calendar Web Site.

Skating Wall Calendars from Previous Years
  • 2005 Raniero Corbelletti Artistic Skating Calendar
  • 2005 Perkins and Rayburn Speed Skating Calendar
  • 2004 Perkins and Rayburn Speed Skating Calendar

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